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Introducing our latest addition the running light module, for an additional $25 you can have running lights as well.


Featured Product

Featured Product

The s1000RR 360 signal with superbright LEDs and a waterproof housing

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  360 signals was formed by an idea for a better designed turn signal for the BMW s1000rr, that not only looks trick and sleek but performs better in many ways. These Super Bright LEDís can be seen at almost every Angle from Front to back. When riding in a staggered pattern with other riders, your signals can still be seen by tour riding buddies. The original front turn signals are hard mounted to the plastic panels and tend to break the stock bodywork on any kind of tip over even a simple driveway drop. Even with frame sliders the stock signals will cause your stock panels to crack from a small drop.

  Each signal is hand made using industrial grade materials and original OEM logos for great quality, fit and retain that factory look. We offer a full 90 day warranty from the date of your shipment for any and all manufacturing defects.

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