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Website launched with a new ordering system to ensure our customers recieve the correct color and model.


Featured Product

Featured Product

The s1000RR 360 signal with superbright LEDs and a waterproof housing

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Here are a few reviews from our customers

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These signals are stunning! I knew they would work well but the craftsmanship is incredible! The led strip and mounting bolts are encased in crystal clear rock hard UV resistant resin. I would have been impressed with this product if it came from Watsen or Greggs but the fact that it came from a fellow member is pretty cool. And it took him one day to make them as opposed to the 6 weeks I'm going to wait for my Watsen's rears. To round off the package I received them 2nd day priority mail and the included instructions and templates made installation perfect!

  Just moved to Chesapeake, VA and after getting my annual service the guys at the dealership were head over heels for these things and couldn't believe that BMW made the mistake of not putting them on first.



No Pics yet as I installed these headed out the door for business function. They are AWESOME though. Excellent job M.


Wild Pete

Finally got around to taking some pics of the blinkers. They look good on the bike and it cleans up the front very nicely.



Well it was rainy today so I thought I would spend some time with the girl... I put her badges back on and looked better than ever. I think the black strips makes it look good and its not even that noticeable. I attached some pictures... also a 3/32 hex bit is VERY helpful... I didn't take my entire plastics off but with the bit, it was enough to reach the further site to tighten through two sets of plastics.



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